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I’m Emma Fulton ....

and I provide coaching, mentorship and inspiration to women with children and ambitions; women who refuse to accept that they have to choose between having a successful career and being a successful parent.

I firmly believe that women can have fulfilling careers AND happy homes.

If  you are ready to regain control of your career and sense of self and want to know more then schedule a free discovery session.

Are you?

Struggling with the juggle?

You love your career and your children and you don't want to choose but juggling children and childcare alongside your work is difficult.  You are concerned that you are not doing either well.  You want support to work out how to move forward, continue to do the work you love and are really good at while still being the parent you want to be. 

Career Change

Your current role is not working the way you want it to and you still have ambitions for your career.  You want more than this, more responsibility, more purpose, more meaning.  You want to do something that lights you up and provides a sense of purpose and fulfilment.  The trouble is you don't know what that is or what your next steps are.    

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You have been off work on maternity leave or a career break.  You are looking forward to getting back to work but, naturally, you have some concerns.  How will you cope with work and motherhood?  Will the childcare work out?  Will you be taken seriously?  What if you are 'mummy-tracked'?



We have all been there.  Falling into the trap of believing that we have to choose.  We can either be a dedicated and successful mother or we can have a successful career.

Sure, we might be a successful parent that also happens to work, but we (and everyone around us) knows that we are only working to earn a bit of extra money.  Our main priority is the children.  Because we all know that women with successful careers and children are lousy mothers.

It's depressing.

But there's a grain of truth to it. Isn't there?  

There are days when it can feel like a nightmare.  Combining parenthood with your work feels really hard.  Maintaining the status quo is a struggle, much less striving for something more.

So now, despite your considerable ambitions, the fact that you are very good at what you do (you will play this down, but you are) and have worked very hard to get there, you are now asking yourself 'is it worth it?' 

Whoever said women can have it all was a liar.

We say don’t believe the hype!

The notion of having it all is patronising.  What is this all of which they speak?  Is it the idea that we can be mothers AND have a job we are good at?  Noone says this about a man with children.  

You don't need to choose.  You can do both.  You can create a successful, fulfilling life on your terms and be there for your children. You don't even need to be superwoman to do it. 

It's move the conversation on and to stop thinking about having it all or being superwoman

It's time to think instead about making choices about the way we want to live, choosing what we value, choosing what we want to prioritise and choosing what we are willing to let go of so that we can live good, rich and fulfilling lives.

Then, let's find the clarity, determination and purpose to do it. 

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