6 things fogging up your career vision

Create the grandest, highest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe - Oprah Winfrey

Are you suffering from career FOMO? Fear of moving on, that is. The alarm goes on Monday and there’s that lurching feeling. Talk over dinner has been stuck on the same ‘I can’t do this any longer’ theme for some time now. Your friends politely segue onto other topics for fear of having the career conversation again.

We’ve all been there. Feeling stuck is the absolute pits. It’s also NOT necessary.

Imagine taking all the energy you’re investing in being stuck – looking inwards – and dedicating it to looking forwards. A clear vision is the difference between fulfilment and just…well…complaining.

September’s the new January; what better time to do it than now.

What right now, you say? ‘Yeah yeah, inspiration’s great and all that but you really don’t get it, I’m super stuck. There’s no one more stuck than me.’ Okay, you stay put, in your stuckness.

But while you’re there, chew on these things that might be getting in your way, stranding you in the ‘I don’t knows’. Find your particular ‘thing’, lovingly let it go and then get to work on your vision and join us on the journey to career change (and new dinner table conversations!).

Your vision is too big and scary.

You don’t know what your vision is because it’s so big you’ve dismissed it. Other people do this, not you.

You want to revolutionise the food industry and eliminate food waste. But it feels bigger than you and intimidating as hell. There you are, one minute thinking about pitching your ideas to Richard Branson and the next you’re back in your house thinking ‘who do I think I am’? So you bury the dream and get on with the laundry. 

All perfectly normal by the way. But let me remind you that the top of any mountain is reached by taking small, one-at-a-time, steps. So be bold with your vision, there will be time to plan your route as you progress.

You’re vision’s not big enough.

If the idea of a massive vision is completely baffling, perhaps you can’t find yours because it’s not big enough to see. Does your answer start with ‘I just want….’? Then you’re in ‘not big enough’ territory. And it sounds like you need a spoonful of confidence. 

One of the most common cries from friends and clients is that they’ll do something when they’re more confident. I know that feeling. But confidence comes from having the courage to face our fears, taking action and surviving.

So dare to dream. Then, when you develop the plan to make it happen, break it down into small, confidence-boosting, steps.

You need to be right.

Are you are perfectionist? Or is over-thinking your thing? 

You do have a vision…if only you could nail down the details and work out whether you’ll specialise in diseases of the nail of the third toe or the fourth. 

Ok. I’m being silly. But you get the point. That level of detail means you’re likely missing the point. Clarity is important but this is a vision and that means BROAD. Otherwise all the spontaneity and learning of the journey – you know, the good stuff – will be lost.

What’s more if you’re so bogged down in the detail then you’re not bringing the vision to life (But you knew that already, didn’t you, sneaky? That’s why you’re doing it).

So un-bog yourself. There’ll be time for details when you start working out how to get there and as the vision evolves.

You don’t want to pick the wrong vision.

Is your fear of moving on the result of that other FOMO, fear of missing out? Oh my. It’s tricky to commit when there may be something better out there. But you know what happens when you don’t commit to anything? You don’t achieve anything either. 

So pick the most appealing of your aspirations and get to work. Once you’ve achieved it, you can move on to the next one. 

You’re confusing ‘what’ with ‘how’.

I’ve lost count of the conversations I’ve had where someone has dismissed genuine aspirations because they seem impossible. How will they make it happen?

As a parent your days of anything goes are behind you. I know. But don’t let your responsibilities dull your vision. Forget about how you get there for now and go for your biggest, boldest version.

There are so many ways to achieve our aspirations; once you are very clear about what you want, developing the strategy to get there is the easy bit!

You really, really don’t know what to do next.

So you’ve gotten this far. You’ve read each of the things that might be getting in your way of your vision and still nothing. Nada. Zip.

Ok, well then you really don’t know. But keep the faith, I know you know deep down. There’s just work to do to uncover it. 

Start with this; when you think about your career and life in five years’ time, how do you want to feel? List all the ways (hint: it will be closely linked with your values – insert hyperlink). Now work backwards from here.

If you’d like support to uncover your vision or work through your stuckness then drop me a line, it’s my favourite thing to do.