How is career coaching different to career counselling?

Unlike with career counselling, I am not able to provide you with advice on specific careers. What I can do is support you to develop your career vision, to develop and implement a plan and work with you on your mindset to enable you to take action to achieve your desired outcomes.

Why don’t you talk about work/life balance?

Work/life balance is such a buzzword when it comes to how we manage our careers around all the other things we seek from our lives. It is something of a misnomer. The use of the word balance, suggests something fixed, constant and potentially equal (50% work, 50% 'life'). This then becomes what we aspire to and when reality is anything but 'balanced', we consider ourselves to have 'failed'. The reality is that for each of us how we choose to integrate our work and life differs.

Why work with a coach, can’t I just figure this out for myself?

Of course you might want to work your way through this on your own. in fact, you might have already tried and have taken some steps forward. The value that coaching can add is that it can help you to use everything you know and have learnt so far, to systematically work through and make sense of the knot of priorities and desires, turn them into a vision and then get you taking action. Typically my clients find that having the dedicated space twice a month really focuses their mind on what they want to achieve, allows them to be focussed on resolving the questions that they are turning over and most importantly, to take action to create the future they desire.

Why do you have a 3 month minimum commitment?

Over three months, you will have 6 coaching sessions, as well as any support you need between sessions. You will walk away with a clear vision, that is based on a comprehensive understanding of your priorities and reflects your values. You will also have an action plan that will enable you to turn the vision into reality. The reality is that it takes three months to develop this understanding. During this time clients may hit a lull or a low patch (the doldrums). This is the point where it would be tempting to say that the coaching is 'not working' and to walk away. Actually, this is often part of the process and the commitment of your time is a reflection of your commitment to your success.

What if I want to work with you for more than 3 months?

It may be that you feel you would benefit from more than three months support. In which case, as we come to the end of the three months, you will have the option to add bolt-on packages and we will take a fresh look at your coaching objectives to ensure you get the best value from our work together.

Should I do a 3 month package or a coaching intensive?

The answer to this question will of course vary from person to person. The coaching intensives are half day, one-to-one workshops where we go through a pared down version of the three month coaching programmes. You do a course of pre-work and then we work through your responses to develop a clear vision and action plan to bring that to life.

Where do you work?

I provide all my coaching by Skype or FaceTime. We all have full lives and coaching this way means that you don't need to factor in travel time. It also means you can be coached in the comfort of your home, in a meeting room over lunchtime, or even from the beach while on holiday. I will coach face to face by separate arrangement.

Does coaching work?

Coaching, unlike mentoring or career advice, works on the premise that you are the expert in your life and know all the answers. My role as your coach is to aid you in making sense of what you know and to order your thoughts. It is an an active process and the more you put into it the greater the value you will create from it.

Coaching is ‘expensive’, I feel guilty to spend this money on myself when I could spend it on the children?

Perhaps the number one false economy I hear from mothers is the idea that when we do something for ourselves we are somehow doing it to the detriment of or children. And yet we all know that a happy mum is crucial for happy children. If your work life is not where you want it to be and is getting you down, then doing something about it, is clearly in the interest's of the whole family.

Whether coaching is expensive, is really a question of value vs. cost. If I asked you to tell me what you would pay to resolve your career challenges, especially knowing how fleeting childhood is, what would you answer be?

Is coaching right for me?

There are circumstances where coaching might not be the right answer. It might also be that I am not the right coach for you. The quickest way to answer this question is book a free, no obligation, discovery session where we will discuss your situation and what you are looking for from the coaching. If I am not the right coach for you, I know plenty of other coaches and helping professionals who might be a better fit.