Ready To Return?


You are getting ready to return to work after maternity leave.  Perhaps it is your first maternity leave, maybe it's your third.  

You are looking forward to returning. It will be good to have something to talk about other than children!  And yes, it is ok to say that.  You are concerned though about how you will manage juggling the parenting and work.  

You are ready to refocus but so much has changed since you were at work.  You are a completely different person to the one that waved goodbye to colleagues, clutching gifts and excited about life's new adventure.  

How do you transition from your pre-children identity to your new identity as a mother and employee?  

Will you be treated differently?  

Will you still be able to do your job?  More distracted?  Or, worse, will your colleagues assume you are, take you less seriously or put on the dreaded ‘mummy-track’?  

What if you can't handle being away from your child?  Are you even doing the right thing returning to work?  

There is a lot of uncertainty ahead and it can feel daunting.

You are not alone.

The transition to motherhood is one of the most profound transitions that many women make.   You will have undoubtedly experienced its impact in the other areas of your life and now, you are about to deal with its effect on your working life.  

Because we choose to make this transition, it is very common that we do not give ourselves the space to manage its impact. We consciously, or otherwise, push on through.  

Providing yourself with some dedicated time to prepare for your return to work can make a significant difference to your experience when you return.

Return to work coaching provides you with a dedicated space to address your concerns and to develop a plan for managing them. It enables you to make a smooth transition back to work, based on conscious choices and honouring the remarkable transition that you are going through.

You will walk away :

  • Clearly knowing what you want for you and your family having untangled the knot of competing priorities

  • With a clear set of objectives for your return to work that cuts through the 'noise' of the doubts, questions and uncertainty and instead focuses on achieving your goals

  • With a medium- to long-term vision that will enable you to derive fulfilment, purpose and satisfaction from your work AND family

  • Feeling calm, in control and prepared

  • With a clear action plan and with the confidence, self-belief and motivation to start putting the plan into action

  • Feeling supported in making this transition.

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O U R   W O R K   T O G E T H E R

Whilst everyone is different and the program is tailored to you and your unique situation, I’ll walk you through a rich and enjoyable 4 stage process that will not only provide you with the clarity you crave and a definite plan of action to turn that vision into reality.

Phase 1 - Assessment

The transition to motherhood is profound. Returning to work as a mother now can feel disorienting. Knowing who you are now that you are a mother will be a critical factor in returning to work successfully. We will start by looking at your experience of motherhood to date. We will look at what you are loving about it and what you have found challenging. We will look at what’s important to you at home and at work and how that may have changed now that you are a mum. I’ll take you through a number assessments that will look at values and priorities, what you enjoy, what you would like more of and where you are challenged. With this knowledge, we will create a vision that focuses on the how you achieve a successful return to work, provides you with a clear vision and direction of travel and also looks at how to approach work and life that in a way that feels rich, powerful and satisfying.

Phase 2 - Visioning

You are ambitious (I know that might feel like a big statement and even a bit icky, but you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t and it’s no bad thing). You want to achieve at work and you want to be available to your child(ren). During the visioning phase of our work together, we will develop your short to medium term vision for your transition back into the working world not that you are a mum. We will work together to get you very clear on what a successful return to work looks like for you. We will then use this to develop your vision and goals for your first year back at work and how this aligns with your longer term career vision.

Phase 3 - Testing

Armed with your vision and your goals, we look at the specifics of how you can manage your career alongside your role as a mother. We’ll look at the practicalities and answer questions such as: “What are your have to haves?” “What are your nice to haves?” and perhaps most importantly, “What can you stop doing?” We then refine your vision into something that is both exciting, achievable and works for you and your family.

Phase 4 - Action

Now we turn your vision into reality. We create a solid and workable plan and break down the key practical steps you need to make it happen. You will then return to work. After your return to work we will meet twice more, after the first and second months, to see how your plan is working in practise. We will look at your vision, goals and action plan and amend them to reflect your experience now that you are back at work.

W H A T   H A P P E N S ?

There are currently two ways to work with me on a one-to-one basis.

We can meet twice a month for a minimum of 3 months.  

Alternatively, I offer my services in the form of a coaching intensive. What to know which is for you?  Hop on over to my FAQ for some guidance.  


// STEP ONE //

I send you a number of exercises to complete ahead of the sessions to get your creative juices flowing and thinking about your career objectives. 

You book a session using my online calendar.

// STEP TWO //

You FaceTime/Skype me on the relevant day. We get crystal clear on your objectives for the session and brainstorm, plot, plan and strategise.  



I provide you with a fresh pair of eyes to look at the questions that you have been turning over in your head, to challenge your assumptions, notice your limiting beliefs and help you to get unstuck and back into taking action (possibly in the form of homework).


After the call, you will receive a recording so that you can re-listen and hear some of the things that you might have missed when we spoke. Then you get going with making it all happen and taking action.