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You are a mother now but you didn’t leave your ambitions in the delivery room. 

You want to enjoy a successful and fulfilling work life AND a successful family life. You have not figured out how to integrate the two…. yet. 

It’s time to change all that.

You are a woman with children and ambitions.

You are not ready to put those ambitions or your career on the backburner, but more than that you want meaning and purpose from your work.

You want to scale heights and do big things. 

Yes, I know right now it doesn’t feel like it and those are some bold words.  Right now you would be happy just to work out how to make everything flow without the daily stress, guilt and overwhelm, but deep down you want something more however frightening it is to admit to yourself or unachievable it might feel.


Struggling with the juggle?

You love your career and your children and you don't want to choose but juggling children and childcare alongside your work is stretching you more than you imagined it would. 

Wondering what next?

Your current role is not working the way you want it to but you definitely still have ambitions for your work life.  What next?

Ready to return?

You have been on maternity leave. You are looking forward to getting back to work but, naturally, you have some concerns. You want to feel prepared for your return.       


We create a dedicated space and time for you to step away from the busy-ness of the juggle.

We establish your truth and we answer the question what do you really want, after you  drop all the ‘shoulds’, handed-down beliefs and other people’s opinions about what being a ‘good’ mother or employee is.

We develop your vision.  We get clear on your career and life objectives and identify the many ways forward that could work for you so that you can go for what you really want, rather than settling for what you think works best for your family.  

I support you to believe in yourself and your vision and to courageously take action.

I provide a safe space to look at what is getting in the way of achieving your objectives, to get you unstuck, and give you confidence to move forward.

I provide accountability so that you keep taking action and give you a gentle kick in the backside if you need it.


What’s it not?

It’s not about endless to do lists, lectures on time management or elaborate morning routines that become another set of items on your list of things to feel guilty about!


It’s not the same as reading a book, joining an online community and it’s definitely not advice.  You have friends for that.


It’s not about the ‘hustle’, pushing forwards against all odds or otherwise driving yourself (into the ground). Rather, it’s about about swimming with the current and seeing where the journey takes you.


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