Wondering What Next?


Something has not been right with your career for a while.  You have been going through the motions and tolerating the situation, but it’s time to face up to it, you are not enjoying what you are doing.  It's not working.

Possibly you resent it keeping you away from your children, but you need the income and there are practical details about the job that work.  Who else is going to let you work from home once a week and compress your hours? 

And yet, you have ambitions.  You feel like you are not fulfilling your potential. You want more from your career and life than this. 

In fact, for you career might be a loose term.  It’s not about following a linear path, it’s more about finding a role or a way to make a living doing something that lights you up, is meaningful and provides you with fulfilment and purpose. 

Enough is enough. You are ready for more.

The problem is you don't know what that is.

But you do know that you can’t continue to do nothing (yes, you really do know this).  It is draining and your life is too precious to spend like this.


The good news is you've found your way here.

And you don't have to settle. 

There really are a range of options out there that will give you purpose and meaning, allow you to fulfil your ambitions (no, you don't have to squish them until the kids have grown up) and will work with your family. 

Whether you want to change job, change direction completely, write a book, start a side project, or something else altogether, you're in the right place.

We will work together to get you absolutely clear on your aspirations for your career, family and life. This vision of what you want may be fuzzy right now, but once we start working together you’ll be amazed at how quickly this can come into focus.

It is this vision that will become the bedrock of your motivation.  The clearer and more compelling your vision of your future career and life, the greater your ability to take action and to keep going even if the going gets tough.

We will then brainstorm, plot, plan and probe to develop a medium to long term strategy to make it happen in a way that is right for you and also for your family. 

You will walk away:

  • With clarity.  I’ll help you feel confident that you really do know what you want and how it can fit into your family life having untangled the knot of competing priorities.

  • With a medium to long term vision for your career and life that will be the motivating force compelling you into action.

  • Knowing what lights you up and from where you derive meaning, purpose and fulfilment.

  • Knowing what you are good at and believing it.

  • Calm and in control.

  • Excited that you have a clear plan to take you from frustrated and unclear to fulfilled, purposeful and deriving satisfaction from your work and family.

  • And with the confidence, self-belief and motivation put your plan into action

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O U R   W O R K   T O G E T H E R

Whilst everyone is different and the program is tailored to you and your unique situation, I’ll walk you through a rich and enjoyable 4 stage process that will not only provide you with the clarity you crave and a definite plan of action to turn that vision into reality.

Phase 1 - Assessment

Knowing who you are, what’s important to you and what you’re good at are the vital ingredients we start with.

I take you through a number of assessments that look at your skillset, what you like and what you are good at. Unlike traditional career coaching, we will also look at your values, life goals, what you enjoy and what you would like more of.

We then use this information to create your career vision. This vision will be about more than just getting you a new job, it also looks at how to create a whole new approach to work and life that feels rich, powerful and way more satisfying than any old job.

Phase 2 - Visioning

Only when we have a clear idea of who you really are and what you’re really craving do we start to look at what you might like to do. This is the really exciting part of the process. Nothing is off the table. It’s creative and enjoyable. I will encourage you to go a bit nuts all with the purpose of exploring what interests you when you start to break out of self-imposed restrictions. We’re not worried about what’s practical in this stage, but in exploring possibilities and understanding what really lights you up and, most importantly, why.

Phase 3 - Testing

This is the part where we start to bring reality back in. We take your vision and look at how we can make them work in practise. We look at the practicalities, the must haves and the nice-to-haves and refine your vision into something that not only excites you but is practical, do-able and works for you and your family.

Phase 4 - Action

Now we turn this vision into reality. We create a solid and workable plan to take you to your new job/career/business and break down the key practical steps you need to make it happen.

The result?

A work/life blend that feels exciting, enriching and works for you and your family.

Yes it’s possible.

No it’s not always easy but I will help you to do it in a way that feels satisfying and right for you.

If this is something you’re craving, let’s talk.

W H A T   H A P P E N S ?

There are currently two ways to work with me one-to-one.

We can meet twice a month for a minimum of 3 months.  

Alternatively, I offer my services in the form of a coaching intensive. What to know which is for you?  Hop on over to my FAQ for some guidance.  


// STEP ONE //

I send you a number of exercises to complete ahead of the sessions to get your creative juices flowing and thinking about your career objectives. 

You book a session using my online calendar.

// STEP TWO //

You FaceTime/Skype me on the relevant day. We get crystal clear on your objectives for the session and brainstorm, plot, plan and strategise.  


I provide you with a fresh pair of eyes to look at the questions that you have been turning over in your head, to challenge your assumptions, notice your limiting beliefs and help you to get unstuck and back into taking action (possibly in the form of homework).


After the call, you will receive a recording so that you can re-listen and hear some of the things that you might have missed when we spoke. Then you get going with making it all happen and taking action.